Ventus disclaimer


Please read this important information before confirming that you have understood the risks associated with Ventus VCT plc and Ventus 2 VCT plc (the Ventus Funds), by scrolling to the tick box at the foot of this section.

The contents of this website have been issued and approved for the purposes of section 21 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 by Temporis Capital Limited, a firm which is authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 763725).

The information on this website relates to Ventus VCT plc and Ventus 2 VCT plc (the Ventus Funds) which are managed by Temporis Capital Limited (Temporis Capital).

The material on this website is provided for your general information about the Ventus Funds. It does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any investment. Nor does it constitute the giving of investment advice.

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Temporis Capital has taken all reasonable care to ensure that the facts stated in this website are true and accurate in all material aspects.

Risks involved:

Illiquidity and loss of capital
Trading in Venture Capital Trust (VCT) shares is not particularly active and consequently the price that you may be offered when you wish to sell your shares may be less than the price at which you bought the shares. Shares typically trade at a discount to their net asset value.

An investment in a VCT should be regarded as a long term investment.

Tax and VCTs
The information contained on this website in relation to the tax benefits from investing in VCTs is based on existing legislation. Changes in the tax rules or changes in the legislation concerning VCTs and, specifically, qualifying holdings and qualifying trades, may limit future investment opportunities by the Ventus Funds and have an impact on future asset values and level of sustainable dividend.

The tax reliefs available to certain investors depend on the Ventus Funds maintaining HM Revenue & Customs approval. If this approval is withdrawn, the Ventus Funds will lose this status and all tax reliefs are likely to be removed.

Investors must retain their VCT shares for five years to retain the up-front income tax relief.

Past performance and projected dividend yields
Past performance of the VCT shares is no indication of future performance. The net asset value of the Ventus Funds is dependent on the performance of the underlying operational companies in the portfolio. Whilst the Boards have each stated objectives to "to achieve a sustainable level of dividends and to protect and enhance the company’s capital", there can be no guarantee that these objectives will be achieved.


Your Vote Is Important



If any of what follows is unclear, or if you require further assistance, please call The City Partnership (UK) Limited on 01484 240 910.


Voting Instructions

If your shares are registered in your name

The simplest way to vote, if you hold the shares in your name and not through a nominee, is to complete the hard copy Proxy Voting Form for each Ventus Fund (see below).  This was sent to you by post at the start of July 2019, along with the Notice of AGM.


Instructions to complete the Proxy Voting Form

This is pre-populated with your personal details and prepaid / return addressed. For your votes to be counted please:

  • Put a cross in the “for” box those resolutions you wish to vote for, or a cross in the “against” box for those you do not, or a cross in the “vote withheld” box if you wish to withhold your vote.
  • Sign the bottom of the card in the box provided.
  • Date the bottom of the card in the box provided.
  • Tear off along the perforated edge.
  • Post the bottom half of the form in any post box

Do not appoint yourself the proxy if you do not intend to attend the meeting in person on the 8th August.


If you have misplaced the paper card you can download a copy of a blank proxy voting instruction here:

Ventus VCT plc >>

Ventus 2 VCT plc >>


To complete this form please follow the instructions below:

  • Print off the blank proxy voting form
  • Complete your full name and address including postcode in the blank space in the top left of the page
  • If you know it, complete your City Investor Number (“CIN”) midway down the card on the righthand side (if you do not know your CIN, please provide a contact telephone number or email address)
  • Put a cross in the “for” box those resolutions you wish to vote for, or a cross in the “against” box for those you do not, or a cross in the “vote withheld” box if you wish to withhold your vote
  • Sign the bottom of the card in the box provided
  • Date the bottom of the card in the box provided
  • Post in a stamped envelope to the following address:
    The City Partnership (UK) Limited
    Suite 2 Park Valley House
    Park Valley Mills
    Meltham Road
    HD4 7BH



If you hold the shares in your own name and vote online

Alternately, if you have online access to the registrar’s online sites (one for each Ventus Fund): for Ventus VCT plc; and for Ventus 2 VCT plc

To vote online, you will need to log into the above proxy voting sites.

To do this, you will need your “City Investor Number” (“CIN”) and Access Code, which can be found on your hard copy proxy forms. Once logged in please follow the below instructions:

  • Select the “Appoint the chairman” link on the Overview Page
  • Select “Appoint the chairman” again in the grey box
  • In the new window select “For”, “Against”, “Discretion” or “Withheld” against each and every resolution (please note the voting pattern noted above to support the Board’s resolutions)
  • Tick the confirmation box at the bottom of the page in relation to your authority to vote
  • Click the green “Submit Votes” box

Please note that not clicking anything against a particular resolution results in no vote being registered. Please ensure that you have made a selection for each and every resolution.

If you do not know your CIN and / or Access code, please contact City at or 01484 240 910.


If you own shares through a nominee

If you own shares through a nominee, you will need to contact your nominee directly to instruct them how to vote. Your nominee will then action this electronically on your behalf. It is not possible for you to vote directly as the nominee is the legal owner of the shares.

This is process can take up to 10 business days therefore we recommend contacting your nominee at your earliest convenience.

If you would like to attend the AGM you will need to contact your nominee to arrange for a letter of representation to be provided to you to allow you to attend. Alternatively, your nominee can appoint you as a third party to attend the AGM on its behalf. Your nominee will be able to advise you further.

To ensure your vote will be counted at the AGM please follow up with your nominee to confirm that your votes have been submitted and accepted ahead of the deadline for receiving votes which is 48 hours ahead of the AGM at midday (12.30pm for Ventus 2) 8 August 2019, therefore the deadline is midday (12.30pm for Ventus 2) on 6 August 2019.